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Balanced Occupancy the Philosopher’s Stone of the Post Covid Office Era: Strategies for Employee Happiness and Real Estate Optimisation in the Post Covid Office

17 March I 14:15 – 14:45

Conference Session 2.1

The volatility of the highs and lows of the office occupancy will differ dramatically more in the post covid office. In the post covid world we will be working less in our offices but the office will become more important driven by the functions in which it differs from working from home: working together, being together and center point of the company culture. Managing a balanced office occupancy is key success factor for facility en corporate real estate management in the post covid world. The essential boundary condition to reduce the office footprint and also critical for happy and committed employees.


Harold Coenders – partner / director at Colliers International Occupier Services

As director of Colliers International Occupier Services Harold Coenders, who has more than 20 years of experience in real estate, workplace and facility management to his name, is responsible for all occupier services of Colliers Netherlands.

He specializes in the development of strategies and organizational transition projects, linked to the development of work environments. Harold also concluded numerous FM benchmarking projects and cost efficiency programs, he is occupied with setting up facility accounting and more in general with initiating and consulting in organizational changes.

Workstyle, Meet Lifestyle 

17 March I 14:15 – 14:45  

Conference Session 2.2 

The way people work and live is changing and increasing demands for improved connectivity and time are the driving forces. As a result, behaviour is shifting rapidly, boundaries are being blurred, and the role of place and channels are needing to be reconsidered. In this session, we will share the outcomes from our recent workplace and experience research as well as our insights on the future of workstyles and lifestyles. 


Jane Clay - Principal, Strategy Director & EU Regional Consulting Practice Leader at Gensler 

As a Strategy Director, Jane regularly advises clients on best practice workplace design, approaching each project with a detailed understanding of the impact of design strategy on the human experience and business performance. Jane works closely with design teams to ensure integration of strategic thinking and to ensure seamless translation of a clients purpose, vision and design intent. Jane also has passion for working with architects, landlords and developers on design, development and repositioning to co- create solutions that provide best in class occupier experiences.  

With more than 30 years of experience spanning all aspects of workplace consultancy, Jane’s portfolio contains a variety of well-known projects across private and public sectors, including advertising, media, publishing, consumer goods, government and defence. Recognised by colleagues and clients alike for her ability to leverage critical thinking to provide positive and unambiguous solutions to complex client briefs, Jane approaches each project with a thorough understanding of the physical, social, and cultural mechanics that contribute to highly effective, engaging and experiential workplaces. 

Lara Marrero - Principal, Strategy Director & Global Retail Practice Leader 

As Strategy Director and Leader for Gensler’s Global Retail Practice, Lara brings insights that result in innovative and powerful strategies that generate engagement between brands, places, and people. She considers the roles that service, storytelling, experience and environments play in connecting with customers and employees alike. Lara informs the design process through research, trend analysis, forecasting and her knowledge of business, marketing and consumer needs.  

With an education that spans psychology, advertising, marketing, and cultural anthropology, she has honed her ability to translate complex global consumer trends into understandable, workable, and profitable outcomes for her clients.  In 2017, Lara was named as one of design: retail magazine’s 40 under 40 and is considered a leading voice on the future of retail, regularly sought after to speak at influential events and with leading publications and international media. 

Information Strategy in View of FM-Futures: The Evolving Role of Information Systems in FM

17 March I 14:50 – 15:20

Conference Session 3.1

Distributed work, diversification in workplaces, decarbonization of the office, cost rationalization and a demand for a resilient FM organization require an update of the FM information strategy. What will be the role of information systems in FM in three to five years from now and how can you use the 2020 boost of change to accelerate this role?


David Stillebroer – Lead Solution Director at Planon

David Stillebroer has over 20 years’ experience in facility management, real estate and IT and is responsible for solution strategy at Planon Software, a leading provider of technology solutions for facility management and real estate. He has a background in hard services and soft services and has been real estate portfolio manager, software implementer and product manager. David has been part-time lecturer in real estate management at Rotterdam University for a number of years.

Workplace of the Future – The Hybrid Era

17 March I 14:50 – 15:20

Conference Session 3.2

With C19 – the upsides from working remotely have been highlighted, but there are also a number of challenges that organizations need to solve to be successful in the ‘new normal’ of Hybrid-working post C-19. In this session, Claus Christensen will share EY experiences from working with a number of ‘Workplace of the Future’ strategy projects for large global organizations. Some of the key questions and challenges Claus will suggest solutions for are for example:

  • How to use C19 as a catalyst for change and an opportunity to improve Employee Experience and Sustainability?
  • How to bring HR, IT, REFM/Workplaces, Sustainability & Brand functions together to create a unified ‘Workplace of the Future’ Strategy?
  • What are some of the new methods, data and technologies like for an example Microsoft’s Workplace Analytics that can be used to better understand the shifting needs and behaviors of employees?
  • How to leverage new technology to inform and influence users in making good workplace choices and increase efficiency?

Claus will during this session share some specific examples, also from EY itself.

EY became Carbon-neutral in 2020, and is pilot testing and implementing new solutions, like an office building in Norway, which is Energy-positive and Carbon-Negative and urban farming.


Claus Christensen – Workplace of the Future Strategy Leader | EMEIA & Nordics at EY

Claus has 17 years’ experience from the Real Estate & Facility Management (REFM) industry – 12 years as management consultant with EY, and 5 years at two leading FM suppliers, lately as Chief Commercial Officer for in ISS Denmark. Claus has worked with organisations in most sectors Globally, and especially with large Global organisations based in the Nordics. Claus is now leading EYs ‘Workplace of the Future & REFM Strategy’ practice in Nordics & EMEIA.

Building the Present, Creating the Future: Changing the Way We Create our Built Environment

17 March I 14:50 – 15:20

Conference Session 4.1

There is an urgent need to transform the way we shape our built environment. Royal BAM Group is taking a leading role in the digital transformation of the international construction industry. We are building the present while we are creating the future. We “make it before we make it.” In other words: we build digitally first, before we build physically. After a brief introduction to Royal BAM Group, the WHY, the HOW and the WHAT will be discussed, including examples of using digital technologies in real projects. The WHY part focuses on the needs of the digital transformation for the construction industry, showing that the world of construction is changing. In the second part, the HOW part, Royal BAM Group’s vision and strategy on the digital transformation is entailed. In the final part, the WHAT part, actual examples from daily practice in BAM are presented


Menno de Jonge – Digital Director at Royal BAM group

As a Director Digital Construction of Royal BAM Group, Menno is leading BAM to its position as a leader in digital construction in the international construction industry. With over 30 years of experience within the European construction industry, and in construction technology, Menno brings perspectives from both sides of the technology spectrum. Menno has been responsible for IT implementations in the area of CAD, BIM, Lean Construction, Data and Document Management, ERP, HRM, Asset Management and more, and is highly active in European industry standards bodies, such as ENCORD and buildingSMART International.

ČSOB Kampus in Prague: BIM – Project, Construction, Daily FM in ČSOB Headquarter

17 March I 15:45 – 16:15

Conference Session 4.2

Decisions why CSOB decided to implement BIM, BIM Implementation, BIM and CAFM cooperation, Conclusion of the project (advantages, disadvantages, knowledge sharing, etc)


Daniel Rubricius – Head of FAM Buildings department at ČSOB in CZ (KBC Group)

10 years experience in Real Estate and Facility Management

Tomáš Filip – BIM and CAFM specialist at ČSOB 

CAFM Specialist currently working for the biggest Czech bank CSOB almost 8 years and responsible for BIM last 3 years.

Graduated at Czech Technical University in Prague, Civil Engineering Faculty – specialized in Preparation, Realization and Operation Building

Bitcoin and decentralized finance enthusiast.

Is the new normal changing the office environment?

17 March I 16:20 – 16:50

Conference Session 5.1

Much has changed in our way of working in recent years due to technological developments. The current pandemic, where social distancing is the norm, makes us look at “work and collaboration” from a different perspective.
In this session, Petra Groeneveld of ENGIE IFM shares her experiences on how you can look at a future-proof office concept and, above all, how your organization can quickly gain insight into what is suitable for your organization. Because, why do your employees come to the office? And when they come, what will they do there and what facility needs do they have?

Petra Groeneveld, Director ENGIE IFM

Petra has more than 25 years of experience in the facility services field – and many with international organizations in the banking and tech industry. She has in-depth knowledge of real estate processes, furnishing projects, facility management (including IFM) and related purchasing processes and has conducted a lot of research into what moves people within organizations. Together with her teams, she has successfully developed office concepts and has received international awards for this. Petra is now a director at ENGIE IFM.

The Finnish Workplace Approach to Coping with the Pandemic

17 March I 16:20 – 16:50

Conference Session 5.2

Finland has been coping with the pandemic with relative success despite the hardship that it has created to the society, organizations and individual employees. This keynote presentation shares some of the key learnings, context and practical ideas from the Finnish companies and on how to thrive during moments of turmoil.


Maija Patjas – Customer and Partner Relations at Rapal, chair IFMA Finland 

Maija is an active speaker on diverse topics ranging from flexible working, activity-based work, wellbeing, space utilization, digitalization, and the future of work.

Maija has over a decade of in-depth experience from workplace development, management and research. She works within a business unit that develops innovative software tools for global corporations and workplace developers and has been involved in hundreds of workplace related projects. She is the acting President IFMA Chapter Finland. She is also a WE Hub leader for a global network of workplace enthusiasts called Workplace Evolutionaries.

Antti Pitkänen – Insights and Strategy Director at Agile Work, Board member IFMA Finland

Antti Pitkänen is an experienced design leader, expert in leading multidisciplinary design projects through collaborative networks from strategy to implementation in the areas of spatial, product, brand and service design.

During his career Antti has worked with +70 companies in over +100 international projects with world’s leading technology and service companies.

Antti Pitkänen is a co-founder and the insights and strategy director of Agile Work ( where he develops workplace design strategies for clients and leads international transformation projects.

At Agile work he creates workplaces that increase employee happiness and improve productivity. He is driven by a passion to create better customer and employee experiences through workplace transformation.

Antti Pitkänen holds an MA in Industrial and Strategic Design with International Design Business Management from Aalto University with previous studies in the UK and Spain.

Facility & Workplace Market Research 2021

17 March I 16:55 – 17:30

Conference Session 6.1

What are the latest trends & developments according to more than 500 facility & workplace professionals? How much has the market grown or shrunk in the past years? And what impact did Covid-19 have on the market?

Facility & workplace professionals have been subject to new challenges, navigating both operational disruptions driven by the Covid-19 pandemic and long term strategic decisions. For the eight consecutive time FMN and TwynstraGudde released the Facility & Workplace market report commissioned by FMN.

During this interactive session you will receive insight in the latest data, trends and developments in the Dutch Facility & Workplace sector. Froukje Terpstra and Bote Scholtens, both consultants from TwynstraGudde, will elaborate on the meaning of the data and you will be able to give your opinion and ask questions directly.


Froukje Terpstra, ConsultantTwynstraGudde

Froukje Terpstra is consultant at TwynstraGudde specialized in Facility & Workplace management. She advises Facility & Workplace managers and directors on strategy, change management, organizational development and sourcing. Froukje is one of the key researchers and editor-in-chief of the market research.

Bote Scholtens, Consultant TwynstraGudde

Bote Scholtens is consultant at TwynstraGudde specialized in Facility & Workplace management. He advises Facility & Workplace managers and directors on strategy, concept development, demand management and professionalization. Bote has been editor-in-chief of the market research in the past three years.

Skanska – WELL Health Safety Rating

17 March I 16:55 – 17:30

Conference Session 6.2

Skanska has decided to apply for WELL Health Safety Rating as it is comprehensive system that evaluate building its facility management policies and procedures in terms of safety. It includes evaluation of building infrastructure, schemes for maintenance, equipment availability and other aspects to cope with distressed situations such as epidemiological, natural disasters, etc. Presentation will cover aspects related to implementation and good practices


Adam Targowski – Environmental Director at Skanska Commercial Development Europe

Adam Targowski holds position of Sustainnovation Manager Skanska’s commercial development unit operating in Central and Eastern Europe. Sustainovation team is responsible for setting up project ambition and KPIs in the field of sustainability as well as certification processes. Team is supporting project teams in implementing solutions that reduce carbon footprint, ensure energy efficiency and support Health & Wellbeing, that make sure that indoor environment as well as atmosphere help users to feel good and work with highest productivity. Team supports also Placemaking processes to make sure that building surrounding is friendly not only for office users but also for local communities. Team supports tenants in creating awareness of sustainability, healthy lifestyle and innovations that support it among employees.

Adam Targowski joined Skanska in as Project Leader. His experience is related to cooperation with Go4Energy providing consulting and training in the field of sustainable development, energy efficiency, responsible use of resources and multicriteria certification. January 1, 2016 Adam took over role of Sustainable Development Manager and in 2020 Sustainovation Manager in Skanska Commercial Development Europe. Adam is leading R&D cooperation with Saule technologies on Perovskite photovoltaic, buildings’ solutions. Adam is involved in many organizations promoting sustainable development in the CEE region: RICS, Urban Land Institute and Polish Green Building Council.

From Workplace, through Workspace towards WorkLife

18 March I 13:30 – 14:00

Conference Session 7.1

The worlds offices will never go back to what they once were. Employers have digitized their operating models in warp speed which enables fantastic opportunities for new ways of working. The future of work is now a board & executive leadership topic, and one thing is for sure: Employers who do not build a holistic WorkLife strategy that enables and engages an even more productive workforce will neither win the war for talent. Our industry is more relevant than ever, we are the WorkLife Industry.


Henrik Jarleskog – Head of Strategy Continental Europe at Sodexo

Henrik has 15 years experience from the global Real Estate & Facilities Management industry. In total 8 years within FM operations (JCI/CBRE/Sodexo) and 7 years from global REFM/Workplace management consulting at EY. Henrik has Co-Chaired at IAOP Global Real Estate & Facilities Management Chapter. Henrik participated in the formerly Wallenberg owned Novare leadership academy as an adept, the leading high potential mentor program in Sweden. Today he is an IFMA Sweden board member and also the first Swedish Euro FM Ambassador in history.

Henrik’s main experience ranges from worldwide strategic outsourcing and business transformation challenges. Over the last 6 years he has contributed to transform the FM industry from a business model perspective through Vested and true strategic outcome-based strategic partnerships, being EYs Global Head of Vested Solutions and a certified Vested Deal Architect.

Which Real Estate Innovation Strategies Work?

18 March I 13:30 – 14:00

Conference Session 7.2

Very few buildings look and operate exceptionally compared to others and they are setting new standards in the real estate market. They are not necessarily doing something very different, but rather are doing the same things – much better!

The real estate business is changing and traditional strategies are being left behind by new innovative approaches to the market and the questions are being raised: how does one real estate business stay relevant and how can an innovative strategy help?


Marko Pavlović– Founder & CEO at Flow and Form

Marko is a software engineer turned serial entrepreneur, consultant, real estate investor, and mentor. He is a CEO & Founder of Flow and Form, a real estate technology consulting firm that provides services to proptech startups and real estate organizations. Marko has built real estate technology products for SpaceIQ, Serraview, Archibus, Vergesense, Lane, Reggora, and orgs like WHotels, JPMC, T-Mobile, WeWork, Nestle et. He is a father of two, based in Europe, Croatia, and has a history of failed attempts at becoming a professional handball player.

The Hybrid Office and Sustainable Goals, What a Match!

18 March I 14:05 – 14:35

Conference Session 8.1

We can hardly imagine getting back in traffic jams, commuting to work in an office doing work that actually doesn’t have to be done at an office…. The hybrid workplace could be the ‘new normal’. Thanks to Covid-19 we have experienced a very steep learning curve working in trial & error setting up remote solutions, home offices, using new collaboration software by the dozen and throw out our office uniforms. We found out that working from home has advantages and disadvantages, but in any way a lot of new attractive options. A hybrid workplace is more or less a combination of a physical office and a remote or virtual office, for example at home. Every organization must explore for itself whether a hybrid solution will fit in or not. They must look at their ambitions, future needs, core values and core qualities, and search for new opportunities. One of those is a new way of looking at your sustainability goals. Are they more easy to reach, now that we are commuting less, or perhaps need less office space for ourselves, or can more easily share our facilities with others? Will the new work-life balance also take care for new working patterns and new habits? For instance for new working hours, coworking, social cohesion, hospitality, wellbeing or leadership? We think it will! Became curious?


Anne-Celine Donkersloot – Senior Consultant Learning & Development at Hospitality Group

Anne-Céline is a senior consultant Learning & development at Hospitality Group. She has gained over 10 years of experience in design & innovation.

Analyzing complex issues and getting people involved in change is what makes her enthusiastic. By putting people first, Anne-Céline creates creative concepts that are supported by stakeholders and deliver value for the customer. Focused on change, service design and design thinking, she is able to give substance to a new strategy and connect people with creative solutions.

Mila Duvekot – Consultant Service & Workplace Design at Hospitality Group

Mila is consultant Service & Workplace design at Hospitality Group. With over 5 years of experience in workplace strategy, service design and concept development, she likes to immerse herself in customer needs not only with corporates but also in education, healthcare and social organizations. Ambition and enthusiasm are boosting her relentless search for exciting, future proof workplace solutions. She sees it as her mission to turn complex matter into easy and accessible stories and thereby help any organization to dream big, but most of all, just start! 

Workplace Innovator Live: Evolution of the FM Role in the Future of Work

18 March I 14:05 – 14:35

Conference Session 8.2

Mike Petrusky, Host of the Workplace Innovator Podcast, talks with Simone Fenton-Jarvis BSc MBA FIWFM, Workplace Consultancy Director at Ricoh UK, about the future of work and the evolution of the FM role in the many workplaces of today and tomorrow.

  • The “Hybrid Workplace” requires that we reimagine workspaces and create an employee experience that will help engage your workforce, but it does not come without challenges. We’ll explore some of them.
  • We know that technology will hold some of the keys necessary to allow FM leaders to deliver on future workplace demands. We will discuss some of the available tech tools and strategies that can help.
  • It’s always been true that collaborating across departments is essential, but when it comes to new ways of working, FM has the opportunity to take the lead and we’ll discuss how that might be done.


Mike Petrusky – DIrector of Events and Growth Marketing at iOffice

Mike Petrusky is host of both the “Workplace Innovator Podcast” & “Asset Champion Podcast” and Director of Events & Growth Marketing at iOFFICE. He joined iOFFICE in March of 2018 with a mission to energize the company’s live events. He is a dynamic speaker, podcaster, and seasoned marketer who has a passion for sharing iOFFICE’s unique brand of thought leadership to CRE, FM and IT leaders in the digital workplace. Mike inspires industry professionals with his focus on shared human experiences and workplace connections at IFMA, CoreNet and other industry gatherings.

The Innovation Pyramid: Ready to Make Real Impact

18 March I 14:40 – 15:10

Conference Session 9.1

Nowadays everybody is organizing hackathons, design thinking workshops and start-up pitches. All great events, but what is the outcome? Unfortunately these endeavors often lack real results… We explain, based on the by us designed Innovation Pyramid, what steps to take to make sure you achieve results, with and for your customers. No innovation theater, but making real impact!

This is what I plan on telling you now. However, with innovation you never know. It might just be an entirely different story. But we will keep you updated!


Douwe Driehuis – Head Of Innovation NL at ISS

Douwe Driehuis (MBA ’15) works at ISS as an Innovation Manager for the PwC account. Before this he worked at TSO, a co-working space in Amsterdam, and other real estate/hospitality start-ups.
As Innovation Manager at ISS he designs the workplace of the future together with the client. With the use of the Innovation Pyramid he tackles specific challenges of the clients in the field of sustainability, vitality, and plug & play workspaces. On top of that he is partially in charge of organizing the ‘School of Workplace Innovation’, a program for corporate and start-up collaboration.

Inconvenient Conversations: Back on Track, or Not?  – One Year Later Living through Covid Realities

18 March I 14:40 – 15:10

Conference Session 9.2
It is one year ago when World Workplace Europe shifted to virtual as Covid spread on a global scale and effectively disrupted our social as well as business habits. We sat together in a session called ‘ Back on Track’, we were
sharing insights into the situation and tried to look int of future of that was blur as well as uncertain.
One year later, we find ourselves amidst a world still heavily hurting by Covid. Now we discuss again: what have we learned? What did we expect that did not come true? What did we not anticipate but still happened?
Can we project better into the future now? And what would those projections be?
Or are we just lost in the woods?
In this session we will look back, take the learnings at heart and try to find some grips on the future.


Erik Jaspers – Product Strategy and Innovation officer at Planon

Having studied mechanical engineering, Erik jaspers built his 35-year career in IT starting with Philips Electronics, receiving received post-academic education in IT by Philips OIT (University of Eindhoven). Over time he held various management positions in software development, IT Project Management and Information Management.

With Planon Software he holds a senior management position in the development of its software solutions. He contributed to multiple publications on technologies for FM and workplace strategies over the years.

He is member of GEFMA’s Digitalisierung workgroup, special advisor to IFMA Foundation, board member of the IFMA Research & Benchmarking Institute, member of the IFMA European Advisory Board and connected to the IFMA ‘WE’ and ‘IT’ Community leadership teams.

Marie Puybaraud – Global Head of Research at JLL Corporate Solutions

Dr. Marie Puybaraud is one of the most recognised world Thought Leader on Workplace Innovation, with a significant track record of research on CRE/FM and Workplace industry futures, workplace strategies, technologies, generational issues at work and with publications in leading international press and presentations and keynote speeches at all major global symposium and consortium on CRE, FM and Workplace (McKinsey, Milan Furniture Fair, SIOP Conference, WorkTech, CoreNet, Workplace Trends, IFMA…)

Wim Pullen – Director at Center for People and Buildings

Wim Pullen (1956) is the Director and co-founder of the Center for People and Buildings since September 2000. The Center for People and Buildings (CfPB) is a not for profit research and educational knowledge center in the field op people, their work and workplace environments. CfPB develops knowledge based on scientific research and educational programs.
Wim holds a MSc degree in geodetic engineering from Delft University of Technology. His career showed his different interests (Meteorology and Oceanography at the Ministry of Defense), Real Estate development, Public Buildings Policy and Research at the Dutch Government Buildings Agency (e.g.Deputy director of Policy, Director of research). Since he specialized in innovation of workplaces he is is one of the countries thought leaders in the field. He is research leader of the largest Dutch research project about working from home during the 2020/2021 pandemic.
Wim was (board)member of several Dutch professional bodies and he served on the editorial committee of a variety of journals in his field. He is a member of the Government Steering Committee on the development of Smart Buildings.

Dr. Jan-Peter Kastelein – Managing Partner and Workplace Strategist at YNNO

Dr Jan-Peter Kastelein is a managing partner, workplace strategist, behavioural research scientist and executive coach at YNNO, a leading design & consulting company based in The Netherlands. He develops and implements strategic advice for clients across both the private and public sectors, matching organisation’s business objectives to their future work and learning environment. Over the years, he has developed a breadth of experience and in-depth knowledge in creating workplaces that engage employees, inject culture, promote health and wellbeing and drive performance. His research work has been driven by a desire to understand how people’s behaviour at work is influenced by the design of their workplace, especially the effects on knowledge sharing, learning, and innovation. Recently, he is devoting more of his research time to understand the impact of the work environment on employee’s health and wellbeing. Specialities: Workplace Strategy, Human Resources Development, Health & Wellbeing, Executive Coaching, Change Management.

Argenta’s New Normal Supported by Technology

18 March I 15:30 – 16:00

Conference Session 10.1

After 4 years of preparation, Argenta was ready to move into the brand new headquarter building with over 1000 workstations and many formal and informal meeting spaces. In a 200-seat pilot office, the new concept had been tested and monitored with IoT sensors. A new FMIS system was in place. Then the pandemic changed everything. Homeworking is here to stay. Due to the flexibility of the concept and by adding desk booking to the supporting technology, Argenta will be ready to reopen. The new normal is a hybrid, dynamic office, focused on interaction, collaboration, employee wellbeing and building efficiency.


Bart Vandenabeele – Facility Manager at Argenta

Bart Vandenabeele has over 15 years’ experience in Facility Management and Real Estate in diverse industries. He worked for a Belgian Retailer where he had his first experience building a challenging and creative new headquarters and implementing a Facility Management software to support and professionalize the facility department. He joined Argenta Bank and Insurances in 2017 to realize the renewed headquarters in Antwerp where Argenta created a challenging and familial workplace for its employees supported by the latest services, concepts and technologies.

FM as a Green Deal-maker for Buildings

18 March I 15:30 – 16:00

Conference Session 10.2

With the EU setting out clear milestones for the decarbonization of the built environment by 2030 and 2050, facility managers need and will step forward to showcase their added value in helping making buildings more energy efficient, sustainable and smarter. The COVID-19 pandemic is already demonstrating the crucial role of facility management in accompanying the workforce back to work safely. With other stakeholders we now also need to make sure that the very same workplace is not only a safe one, but also fits within an ever ambitious policy objective of making the buildings greener. Facility managers are well-positioned to take this challenge, and in this session we will outline what the Green Deal has in store for facility managers, and where the funds will be going to in order to support this ambition.


Frédéric Aertsens – Associate Director at Interel

Frédéric Aertsens is Associate Director in the Sustainability & Mobility team at Interel. In this capacity Frédéric has been supporting IFMA for the past 4 years in advocating for IFMA at EU level with key decision-makers.

Frédéric has worked in EU public affairs over the past years and led the public affairs activity for a pan-European homebuilding federation before joining Interel.

Frédéric has a Master’s Degree in Law, European and International Law, with a focus on European Environmental Law. He is Belgian and speaks French and English fluently, besides his native Dutch

Creating the Best (Digital) Working Environment

18 March I 16:05 – 16:35

Conference Session 11.1

How do you create the best working environment for happy and healthy employees? The service departments of an organization play a crucial role by providing the right tools and excellent service. But that’s not enough. The key to success is to match these services with the culture and strategy of your organization. In this session, Renske shares her vision on the impact of the new reality on the work environment. She shows how service departments can work together to ensure that all employees feel involved and connected, even in a digital world.


Renske van der Heide – Business Change Manager at TOPdesk

Renske worked in the field of Facility Management in many different roles: as consultant, project manager, product manager and team lead. As such she gathered deeper insights in the market, the users and the trends. She now acts as the spokesperson for TOPdesk, spreading the FM word all over the world. Up till recently she was a member of the board of EuroFM, representing FM professionals across Europe. She is, and has been for years, an active member of the Technology Expert group of FMN. In November 2019 she joined the board of FMN, focussing on Professional Growth. She believes IT, FM and HR should work more closely together to create a better workplace. Together they are able to deliver excellent services for their end-users and to contribute more to business success.

PropTech in Europe: Technologies and Business Models Defining the Future of Real Estate

18 March I 16:05 – 16:35

Conference Session 11.2

  • Market data & trends
  • The impact of the EU Green deal, NextGenerationEU & the brand new BAUHAUS Europe on the future of Real Estate
  • The exponential growth of Property Technologies in 2021 – 2025
  • Funding & Investment for European PropTech: how your company can benefit
    The European PropTech Association with +10.000 members


Dirk Paelinck – Founder & Chairman European PropTech Association

Dirk Paelinck is a serial entrepreneur in innovative real estate concepts and Chairman of the European PropTech Association 

He is the co-founder and Chairman of the European PropTech Association, composed of 24 national PropTech associations in Europe with a total of 3000+ startups/scale-ups as members, as well as all the largest European real estate corporates. The mission of the European PropTech Association is to standardize the fragmented PropTech market, to create a legal framework adapated to PropTech in Europe, to scale up cross border collaboration, to produce unique market insights and to facilitate access to funding. 

He organizes with Prof. Revuelta of Finnova & Idriss Goossens the PropTech StartUp Europe Awards, supported and promoted by the European Commission and the European Parliament. 

He is also the founder and CEO of the Belgian independent coworking space operator Interoffices and CEO of the international PropTech scale-up Workero, which has received the Seal of Excellence & funding from the European Commission.  

Dirk is also a Board Member of Imoya Real Estate Developer. He previously was the Area Sales Director of multiple EMEA countries for Regus, has developed his own real estate projects and was Manager at Mercedes-Benz Belgium-Luxembourg.