World Workplace Europe Virtual Escape Room

Wrap up Day 1 of World Workplace Europe with the ultimate team-building activity. This is the perfect opportunity to connect with FMs from the comfort of your home while participating in a fun and unique virtual escape room game. Every participant plays from their device at their workspace or home, while working together with a team to complete a wide variety of digital clues, puzzles and challenges before time runs out! It’s vital that all participants stay connected to each other during the whole game, as they will need each other’s help to solve the challenges. Every participant will receive a digital envelope with multiple question cards, puzzle pieces and attributes. The entire experience will last 75 minutes, but will go by so quickly while you enjoy this amazing networking opportunity.

The Virtual Escape Room is an add-on to your World Workplace experience. To join in on the fun, buy your ticket now as seats are limited.

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€35.00 per participant, VAT excluded.